Cross-platform development with PWAs
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With Modyo, you can work on more than just the web, and we offer tools to adapt your standard websites to the PWA format so they can be installed on mobile devices.

During this course, we will explore all the details related to a PWA application: its configuration elements, debugging tools, image handling, HTML optimization, and support for offline storage.

At the end of the course, you will be able to:

  • Recognize Modyo's specialized tools for PWAs.

  • Use tools for debugging and inspecting PWAs

  • Create a Manifest.json file

  • Create a Service Worker

  • Manage mobile-optimized image files

  • Deploy applications to mobile operating systems.

Duration: 25 minutes



Before you start you ensure you first:

  • Take the Modyo Introduction training

  • Have access to a Modyo account

  • Have a mobile device with the latest version of Android or iOS and internet access

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